What’s Your Plan?

At Metrix in Motion® our leading principle is to help our clients effectively market their business and services online. In this unprecedented time online communication couldn’t be more important and we understand this probably better than most.

We want to do our part to help our existing clients by waiving the $50 fee to install a “Pop-Up” for all of our client’s websites.  It is more important than ever for businesses to communicate with their audience. This donated artwork can also be shared on all of your social sites and through text messages. This will help inform your customers of your precautions and operating procedures throughout this emergency.  Sign up on the bottom of this page and please be patient as we are currently overwhelmed with request.

I promise I’ll personally see to it that every popup signup request is installed.

-Hector Garcia

CEO Metrix In Motion®

Covid-19 SBA

We have all heard about the enormous amounts of money the government will be pumping into the economy in the coming weeks/ months. We are committed to helping small businesses and have launched a free website for lenders to advertise their solutions to help.

If you know any lender that will be assisting SMBs please direct them to this site so we can share their information:

Our Clients

We know our clients and know they are needing help to continue to provide their services. Please visit our YouTube channel to see who they are and use their services in this time of need. If every one us processed one  additional transaction it could be the difference we all need.


Metrix Video+

Due to the restrictions placed by government officials. We will not be able to perform any onsite shooting of the MV+ product. If you currently have an existing MV+ credit they will remain valid and will be scheduled as soon as restrictions are lifted.

Down Time?

As business owners we have been through it all and survived. We firmly believe this is temporary and we hope you do too. Over the past week we have been receiving orders for SEO, and websites from business owners that are optimistically wanting to grow their online presence. If you’d like to chat about your business reach out we are always here for free advice!

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