If you are like the billion of people around the world, you probably take a peek at Facebook at least twice a day or search YouTube to figure out how to do a project. With so many consumers cutting the cord and turning to their mobile devices to consume content, why would your marketing plan not have an online video marketing budget, strategy, and/or resource?

Metrix In Motion™ has been providing digital advertising solutions for over six years and led by our nine years of industry experience. 10 years in the digital world is like 100 in real time; for reference 10 years ago we were excited to have the iPhone 3G and watched Vin Diesel in the 1st Fast & Furious! What we’ve learned over the years is: digital marketing is evolving as fast as a new iPhone generation or “Furious Racer”. With the shift into cutting cords and reliance on user generated content (your last post about that awesome food truck) we decided to help our clients by providing cost effective video content with spectacular results.

Considering our SEO results and first page rankings, adding video marketing to our clients websites just upped their lead rate by leaps and bounds. We decided that the digital world provided an opportunity to take it a step further and challenge traditional advertising. Here is why we know our strategy works better for small businesses, these are the options:

Direct Mail: Analog (printed) piece of junk mail | Strategy: Buy zip codes, pay printing, pay shipping, and pray it isn’t thrown away.

TV: Part of the cord coalition | Strategy: Nielsen data will tell you that X people saw your commercial and that is that

Newspapers: Kitty litter, low cost wrapping paper | Strategy: What’s a Newspaper?

Yellow Pages: See Newspapers

Radio: 10-30 second audio spots | Strategy: Place your commercial during the work day to people working? For fun and without cheating, grab a pen and paper and write down the last radio ad you heard, ready go! If you are like us we can’t remember either 😉

With our Metrix Video+ strategy, we have proven our process and believe we can do it better than any free video marketing source or gimmicky $1.99 app. Our rates make us the most competitive and our experience makes us the choice of our advertisers. Meet with one of our agents today in person throughout South Texas or chat on our website or FaceBook. We love to answer questions and if we can’t help, we can save you from making mistakes.

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